Year 10



Year 10

Leader of Student Development - Mrs Roberts
Email address:

Pastoral Support Assistant - Mrs Sandford

Welcome to the Year 10 area on the School Website.

Mrs Roberts is the Leader of Student Development for the year group and can be contacted by telephoning the School on 01246 432849 or by email at the address above.

Mrs Roberts is supported by Mrs Sandford, the Pastoral Assistant for the year group. Mrs Roberts can be contacted by telephoning the school on 01246 432849 or by email.

Both Mrs Roberts and Mrs Sandford work together to support the students with any issues they may have, whether they are academic, social, emotional or personal.
Celebrating student success in all areas of school life is also very important to them.
Mrs Roberts and Mrs Sandford want the students' time at Eckington School to be as successful as possible.

Safe and Well Being Booklet

This booklet provides advice and information about parenting and living with teenagers. Topics covered include communication, stress and anxiety, e-safety, social networking and self-harm.

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