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Peer Mentoring

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What is Peer Mentoring?
Peer mentoring is where an older student helps a younger student.
They can help them in the following areas:

  • Behaviour
  • Attendance
  • Confidence
  • Organisation
  • Achievement

Our aims are:

  • To improve students personal development and academic achievement.
  • To learn how to overcome your own barriers to learning i.e. confidence, attendance, behaviour, organisation, motivation.

What Programmes Do We Offer?
We have a selection of peer mentoring sessions. Your teachers, tutor or Leader of Student Development will advise you as to which programme is best for you. However, ultimately all sessions will aim to raise your achievement in school.

How Are You Paired?
Mrs Needham will liaise with your Leader of Student Development, tutor or your teachers to discuss the reasons why you will benefit from a peer mentor and then will pair you with the most suitable mentor.

Can I Change My Mentor?
All our mentors are trained in the same way. We suggest that you try to build up a relationship with your mentor. However in the unlikely event of you still not getting along with your mentor, you can discuss the possibility of changing your mentor with Mrs Needham

How Often Do You Meet With Your Mentor?
This depends on the programme that you are on. It could be once a week, every other week or once every half term. Mentoring will never take place in your own time; sessions are normally run during registration or during the rolling period.

How Will It Benefit You?
Being peer mentored may help you:

  • be more organised
  • be more confident
  • overcome barriers to your learning
  • improve your progress and achievement.

Quotes From Our Mentees and Mentors
"I like my mentor and mentoring is fun and good to help you in your work."
"My mentee has become a lot more confident and has resolved a lot more problems herself, instead of asking a member of staff"
"I feel that I have helped my mentee with several aspects of his school life including homework, equipment, behaviour and attendance."
"I feel like I have someone to talk to and someone who will listen."
"I have really improved my levels because my mentor has helped me."

For more information about Peer Mentoring please contact Mrs Needham.

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