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About the School

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Eckington School is a co-educational mixed community comprehensive school which was opened in September 1978.

The school is situated on a 42 acre site, above Eckington, in a delightful rural situation. At the rear of the school is a large expanse of woodland which includes part of the Sitwell Estate and the Moss Valley.

The curriculum in its design and philosophy offers breadth and balance in terms of areas of experience and teaching and learning styles. We regard what goes on in the classroom as of fundamental importance and we are all the time striving to improve the experience of our young people.

Staff organise a considerable number of clubs and societies during the lunch break and after school. Each year musical evenings, dramatic productions and a musical form an important part of the school calendar. A large number of trips to various places of interest are organised throughout the year and staff organise various visits to France, Italy, Germany and Spain. We are part of the Derbyshire Exchange programme with Toyota City in Japan and are establishing a link with a school in China. We believe these extra curricular activities are a most important part of our provision.

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