Transition at Eckington School

"Making the move from primary to secondary school seamless"

Students on their first day at Eckington School

The move from primary school to secondary school has its challenges for most children and can be unsettling for parents too! It is important to us that we support children and their families with their transition to Eckington School. We provide a range of transition activities which enable all students to get to know Eckington School, our staff, students and facilities. Our transition activities also give us the opportunity for all our feeder and non-feeder schools to share information and meet with key staff. This best supports your child's move to secondary school and develops exciting cross key stage educational experiences.

Applications for secondary school places have to be submitted to your local education authority by the end of October.

Our transition programme

There will be opportunities throughout primary school to experience Eckington School. However, our formal induction process begins in September when your son or daughter starts year 6.

Open Evening

Towards the end of September we open our doors to Year 6 children, parents and families at our annual Open Evening. The event begins with a presentation from our Principal, Mrs Burgess. Prospective families then have the opportunity to see the school in action. Departments have displays and interactive sessions; students are on hand to share their first hand experiences and there will be a selection of school lunches to view and sample. If you are unable to attend the Open Evening, but would like to view the school, please contact Rebecca Price to arrange a visit on 01246 432849.

Maths Master Class

To support Year 6 students with their key stage 2 SATS we run a maths master class programme. The aim of this is to support our most able mathematicians in both feeder and non-feeder schools. Students will work with our Advanced Skills teacher, Mr Wigfull on the most challenging topics. The programme runs between September and May. If you feel your child would benefit from the programme, please speak with your childs teacher (feeder schools) or contact Mr Wigfull (non-feeder schools) on 01243 432849

Headstart - additional support

We offer the Headstart programme for those students who would benefit from some additional support to help them settle in. This involves a series of visits to Eckington School, in small groups. This gives them the opportunity to make friends, familiarise themselves with key staff, explore the school site, ultimately gaining more confidence. If you feel your child would benefit from this programme, please make contact with our SENCO, Miss Turner on 01246 432849.

Primary School Visits

In June, Mrs Price, Transition Coordinator will visit each feeder primary school, alongside the Head of Year 7. The purpose of this visit is to reassure Year 6 pupils by talking to them about what life is like at Eckington School and what they can expect on their "Taster Days". The visit will also incorporate a question and answer session with 3 former Year 7 students. Whilst the visit is taking place the Year 6 teacher will meet with the Head of Year 7, giving them the opportunity to share information which will help support your child's move to Eckington School. Information is also shared by non-feeder schools.

Parent Information Evening

Parents, carers and children are invited to an Information Evening in mid-June. This will give you the opportunity to meet key staff, including Mrs Burgess Principal, Mrs Price Transition Coordinator, the Head of Year 7 and other key staff. Here you will be provided with key information regarding your childs taster days and move to Eckington School. There will be an opportunity to ask questions to key staff.

Taster Days

Students on their taster days at Eckington School

This is the first real taste of Eckington School for most children in June/July. Students will spend 2 days with us experiencing life at Eckington School. Students will get to sample school meals, undertake practical lessons and make new friends. Each set of taster days include students from a range of schools so that they get to mix with and meet new people.

In the last couple of weeks before we close for the summer holidays, we will be busy sorting students into Pathways and tutor groups. This is dome using SATS data and information from primary schools. It is our aim to notify you of your child's pathway and tutor group before we finish for the summer break.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the move from primary to secondary school, please contact Mrs Price, transition coordinator on 01246 432849 or by email to

Year 6 Information Evening 2018

Thank you to all those who attended our Information Evening. If you were unable to attend, please contact Mrs Price to arrange a visit to the school. Finger swiping of Year 6's will be caught up on Taster Days.

Missed the event? The following are available to download:

  • Transition: Moving Up Guide
  • Uniform Guide
  • Letter: Transition Languages
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