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Revision Advice

Students revision in the 6th form centre

As the summer exams approach we would like to offer our students advice on making the most of their revision time. This page offers advice on the importance of revision and links to websites that can help.

At Eckington School we believe revision is an essential part of exam success. By revising you reinforce all of the important information you have learnt and refresh the concepts in your mind so you can access them in the exam. Revision is the best way you can improve your grade, put some effort into revising and it will pay off with a better result.

Reading text books is not efficient revision, you will forget a large proportion of what you read and it will be time wasted. To revise effectively you should not only read text books and your class notes but you should make notes on what you read, this way you are actively remembering what you read. You can condense down these notes to postcard sized revision cards with all the important points summarised so you can remember them. Reading through these cards will help you remember the important facts and it can be reassuring to have the cards with you before the exam as a last minute reminder.

When you are revising it is important to be in a comfortable place free of distractions. You should try to work in a quiet room away from the distractions of family and television. If you must play music it should be quite and mellow, not too distracting. You should prepare a revision timetable well ahead of your exams and aim to have revised everything with a week spare, this gives you time to cover any difficult topics more thoroughly, leeway if you are ill and means you are less likely to rush your revision at the last minute. Finally you should always have plenty of rests breaks, these will help to break up the revision and refresh your mind ready for the next session. Remember, if you do your best, you'll get the best result you can and no one expects any more of you.

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