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Questions a Parent/Carer can ask at any time

Please don't bombard your child with all of these questions the second they arrive home from school. Rather, drop them into natural conversations through the week.


  • Can I sign your planner for the week? Do you have any homework?
  • I've made a quiet space for you to do your homework, is that OK?

Progress Tests

  • Can I look at the section of your planner which shows how you have done in your Progress Tests?
  • In which Progress Tests did you meet your targets? Have you had to resit any? Do you understand the teachers' advice on how to improve?
  • Do you have any Progress Tests coming up? Do you realise that there are pages on the website that tell you how you should revise?


  • Which subjects do you enjoy? Why?

Sleep Routine

  • I've read that adolescents need a good sleep routine to be healthy. Apparently you need 8-10 hours' sleep per night. Shall we get you into a routine?

Healthy Eating

  • I've read that adolescents need to eat a good breakfast every day if they are to be able to concentrate at school. What about some porridge and an egg each morning? We'll have some sugary cereal at the weekend. Is that a deal?


  • If I bought you a Kindle for your birthday would you read a little every day?
  •  Can I buy you a book for Christmas? What do you like to read? You can swap it with a friend after you have read it. How about it?
  • I bought the Guardian today. There's a good article in it about (something) would you like to read it?
  • What are you reading at the moment? Is it good? Why? What kind of books do you like? Do you have a favourite author? Have you got a book in your bag from the school library?
  • I hear that you have a Gold target to read 12 books per year. That's 2 per half-term. How are you doing?


  • I've read that you should limit your TV watching to an hour a day. Is that OK?


  • I've just seen that there's a good play on at the Crucible. Shall I book a couple of tickets?
  • Shall we try some spellings from your Planner spelling pages? If you get 10 out of 10 I'll give you a treat, OK?
  • I believe there are some literacy practice exercises on the school website. Shall we do some together?

Computer Games

  • I've read that you should limit your computer games to 30 minutes per day in mid-week and an hour per day at the weekends, shall we try that?


  • Can I test you on your Planner times tables? If you get 10 out of 10 I'll give you a treat, OK?
  • Do you use Maths Watch to revise for your maths exams? I hear you can access it through the school website. I hear it's ideal revision for maths. Shall we look? Have you got a password? I've been told all students have a password to log-in. Is that true?


  • I hear the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester is good... as is the Royal Armouries in Leeds. Which one shall we go to at the weekend? Or do you fancy the Yorkshire Sculpture Park near Barnsley?

GCSE Revision

  • I've heard that for your GCSEs you should be doing 10 hours a week of homework or study. How many hours are you doing?
  • Have you got a booklet telling you how to revise for your GCSEs? I'm told that everyone in Y10 and Y11 will get one. Can I see it?
  • I'm told that on the Home Page of the school website there are lots of revision guides for various subjects. Can we look at them?
  • (For Y11) Did you know that many teachers offer GCSE revision/booster classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school? Did you know school runs a late bus that goes around catchment areas?
  • (For Y11) Do you go to any lunchtime GCSE revision sessions?


  • Is your report a good one?
  • (For Years 9, 10 and 11) Are you predicted to meet your targets? (For Years 7 and 8) Are you going to meet your end of year target?
  • In which subjects have you got a good attitude to learning (4 or 5)?
  • Why has the teacher given you a poor attitude to learning in these subjects? Is it that you're not revising for your Progress Tests?
  • Do you know what your % attendance? Is it above the school average of 95%?


  •  Which 3 pledges are you going to do this year? A charity one? A community one? Any Others?

Activities Week

  •  Which activity do you want to do in Activities Week? Remember, no one can afford an expensive activity every year. Would you like to choose a mid-range activity or a free one?


  • Which house are you in? Do you take part in the sports competitions or any other house competitions? Are you in the lead? Do you have a leadership role?


  • Tell me what those other badges on your blazer mean? How did you earn them?


  • Do you have options this year? Have you thought about which subjects you'd like to do?


  • Did you know that you will get careers advice in PSHE but also you can meet the careers advisor, David Holloway, in school?


  • Are you doing any extra-curricular activities on a Tuesday after school? Did you know there's a late bus that goes around catchment areas?
  • (From Y9) Are you going to join the Duke of Edinburgh Programme? I hear that getting the gold, silver or bronze award will really help you get a job, apprenticeship or university place.
  • Do you go to any clubs? Computer club? Choir? Science Club? Library Club? Glee Club?

Extra Maths and English

  • Do you get any booster classes in maths and English? How are they going?


  • Do you do Chinese? Can you say something in Chinese?
  • School might be able to do a Chinese summer school (in China). Would you like to go?

German Exchange

  • (Y8/9 students of German). School believes that this is the best way to learn a language. Do you want to go on the exchange? Can you ask your German teacher for details?

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