Parent's GCSE Advice



How to help your child to revise for GCSE exams and Progress Tests

General Advice

  • Ensure students plan their revision carefully - this should start now.
  • Encourage them to display their revision timetable where you  can see it so you can gently remind them what they should be doing.
  • Their timetable should include small blocks of time - each should be about 30 minutes long.
  • Students should not just write the name of the subject on the timetable but break it into topics - e.g. glaciation, human muscles, quadratic equations, food hygiene, etc.
  • Check they are revising all their subjects rather than just the ones they prefer/find easy.
  • Encourage them to revise/complete homework during the early evening -
    e.g. (between 4 - 6pm) during the morning/afternoon at weekends or during the school holidays.
  • Ensure they build into their week free time to socialise and relax as well as  maintaining any commitments to their interests e.g. football training, swimming, etc.
  • Regular exercise will help them both physically and mentally.
  • Simply reading notes is not an effective way of revising - techniques such as using mind maps, mnemonics and revision cards are described in this guide.  Encourage them to find which ones help them to learn the most effectively.
  • There are many good revision materials available for all subjects - some of these are listed in this guide.
  • Completing past exam papers is an invaluable way to test knowledge and build confidence.
  • Get involved - offer to test them - you'll be surprised at what you'll learn from this!!!
  • Ask them to teach you about a particular topic - this will help them be clear about what they understand.
  • Keep them fed and watered!!!  Keep them well hydrated and give them plenty of healthy snacks.
  • Dont allow them to be distracted by other people, the television, loud music, the computer (unless they are on a revision task), or their mobile phone.  However, some students do revise effectively with quiet background music on.

Study Club
Study club and the revision sessions in school are very beneficial and students should be encouraged to attend.  Study club is every Tuesday (science only) and Wednesday (other subjects) between 3:25 and 4:45pm during term time and there is a free bus at 4:45pm which covers our catchment area. Other extra sessions after school and during the school holidays may also be available and teachers will inform students of these.

Learning Platform
A variety of subjects have posted independent learning resources on our online Learning Platform. Students will have been sent home with both their own and their parents' usernames and passwords. You can access the Learning Platform by clicking the link at the very bottom of any page on our website, including this page.
Contact our Learning Platform Administrator or Mr Knutsen (Assistant Headteacher - ICT) for further information.

During the Exam Period

  • Ensure you know which exams they have on what day so you can help them plan their final revision for each exam.
  • If possible display the timetable where you can all see it.
  • Make sure they get enough sleep - late revision is very counter-productive.
  • A healthy breakfast is essential - don't let them sit exams on an empty stomach or full of sugary foods and fizzy drinks. They must be encouraged to have lunch if they have an afternoon exam.
  • Encourage them to take a bottle of plain water into the exam.
  • Ensure they arrive in good time for the exam and that they know which room it is in - this will be on their exam timetable.
  • Check they have the correct equipment - pens, pencils, a ruler etc.  These items will need to be in a clear plastic pencil case.
  • They will be expected to be in full school uniform - being confronted when they are not can upset them which may unsettle them prior to the exam.
  • Public exams can only be taken according to the exam board's timetable. If a student misses an exam they risk failing the whole GCSE. If your child is too ill to sit the exam, you must contact the school as soon as possible for further instructions.

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