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Eco Eckington

The Eco-Eckington page is packed full of tips, news, comic strips and everything you need to know about recycling and the environment.

Eco-Eckington is created by a group of Year 8s on a mission to make Eckington School more environmentally friendly.

Eco Eckington

Reduce - Reduce your use of materials overall by only printing when you need to, always print on both sides of the paper, take a reusable bag to the shops with you etc...

Reuse - Re-use objects where possible, collect sheets of paper you've only written on one side of and make into a notepad, re-use shopping bags, fill up a bottle with water rather than buying a new one every day...

Recycle - If you can't re-use an object, make sure you recycle it in the appropriate bin. Look out for the signs around school.

Video: How to print double sided

Printing double-sided could save the school hundreds of pounds. Not sure how to print double-sided? Watch our helpful video!

Video: How to make a bottle pencil case

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