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Eckington students quiz top BBC journalist Nick Robinson

BBC's Nick Robinson with Y11 students BBC's Nick Robinson with Y11 students

Eckington School welcomed the leading BBC Journalist, Nick Robinson, on Thursday 8th March for a Q&A session with one hundred Year 11 students. The event focused on politics and journalism and was organised by UK Charity Speakers for Schools. The aim of the event was to raise aspirations amongst students.

Speakers for Schools is a charity that launched in 2011, helping state schools inspire their students and broaden horizons through access to the insights, experiences and expertise of today's leading figures through free talks and more.

Nick inspired students with his 30 years' experience in journalism and the media. He responded to probing questions from students on some of the big issues of the day: Brexit, immigration, xenophobia and the rise of fake news and 'alternative facts'.

Students were encouraged to take an interest in Brexit. Nick cited that this time of political change posed new opportunities for young people: 'These are really, really big moments. The interesting thing for me is; are they going to happen to you? Or are you going to get involved?'

Students quizzed Nick about the challenges of live interviews, they learnt about journalistic integrity and were introduced to the concept of conflict sensitive journalism. However, it was not all serious. Nick took the time to regale his audience with amusing anecdotes such as his various fall-outs with George W. Bush over the Iraq War and a tricky conversation with BBC bosses when he confessed to them that he had left his mobile phone on a train. Not the end of the world, you may think, until you realise whose personal phone numbers and texts are on that phone and yes, just about every important person in the UK, including the Prime Minister.

Students left the session enthused by Nick's insights, honesty and humour. Eckington's Headteacher Patrick Cummings said, 'We were delighted to receive a visit from such a prominent journalist as Nick Robinson. He pitched his talk and Q&A session brilliantly. Among other things, our students learned a great deal about the art of communication.'

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