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Literacy Pages

Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

This section of the website and Learning Platform will help our students to improve their literacy skills or, to be more specific, their skills in spelling, grammar and punctuation (SPAG).

Below is a definition of GCSE  ready literacy. If a student is proficient in these areas then (s)he has taken the first step to get ready for national exams.

For each of the 39 areas of SPAG listed below you should:

  • Log onto our Learning Platform to read about these areas
  • Try the test exercises linked to each area (Dont panic, the answers are listed if you get stuck!)

Enjoy improving your literacy

  1. Plurals
  2. Prefixes and suffixes
  3. Comparisons
  4. Most/least
  5. Silent letters and unstressed vowels
  6. Hard and soft c sounds
  7. i before e rule
  8. Commonly misused words
  9. Tricky words
  10. Capital letters
  11. Ending sentences
  12. Commas
  13. Colons and semi-colons
  14. Brackets and dashes
  15. Hyphens
  16. Apostrophes and missing letters
  17. Possessive apostrophes
  18. Its and its
  19. Speech Marks
  20. Nouns
  21. Articles
  22. Pronouns
  23. Who, which, that
  24. Who, whom, whose
  25. Verbs
  26. Adjectives
  27. Adverbs
  28. Sentence structure
  29. Phrases and clauses
  30. Prepositions and connectives
  31. Paragraphs
  32. Negatives
  33. Writing in the past
  34. The past tense with have
  35. Have and of
  36. Staying in the right tense
  37. Writing in standard English
  38. Writing in the right style
  39. Active and passive

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